Understanding the problem of gambling and gambling addiction
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Understanding the problem of gambling and gambling addiction

Playing online, betting on sports, roulette, poker and so on is good when played at a bestmichigan online casino sites but when you land up in the wrong sites, you can come across a disease, Ludopathy, caused by gambling addiction. This can undermine or even upset the life of those who unfortunately find themselves facing it, affecting relationships with family members or in any case with those around them, or interfering with work thus leading to financial catastrophe. It can lead a man to do things he never thought he would do such as stealing money to continue gambling or to pay off his accumulated debts. Despite the obvious difficulties and the seriousness of the problem, getting out of it is possible, and it can be done thanks above all to the right help and a lot of willpower, and always bearing in mind that the first step to regain one’s life and free oneself from this evil.

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Known as compulsive gambling, gambling addiction or ludopathy is a pathological disorder that is primarily concerned with impulse control. Those affected by this disorder cannot help but indulge it despite being well aware of the harm they do to themselves and their loved ones. The gambler cannot imagine anything that is not strictly linked to the world of betting and, regardless of any other factor, be it internal, his state of mind or his condition of life, or external, linked to family affections or in any case close to him, he continues to bet even when the chances of obtaining benefits are reduced to a minimum. In short, the gambler cannot in any case stay away from betting.

If you start to worry about gambling, if you start spending more and more time and money on betting or chasing losses, always keep in mind that you may have a problem even if it is not entirely out of controland that therefore this behaviour is a gambling problem.

Everyone thinks that they have to play every day to be a gambler. The gambling problem isn’t a problem if the player can afford it.Partners of problem gamblers often push them to play. But the truth is :

 It’s not so much a frequency issue, a player can play frequently or infrequently without any repercussions.  Nothing more wrong. The problems caused by excessive gambling do not only concern the financial aspect but also the relationships with others, leading to the breakdown of relationships with family and friends.

Those who have a problem with gambling often fail or do not want to rationalize their behaviour, thus avoiding taking responsibility and blaming others for their actions, also avoiding what is necessary to overcome the problem.

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